Tuesday, 7 April 2009

GHost 1 the 19th December 2008

The following images were taken during a night of artists films, installations and performances at St John on Bethnal Green, on a dark winter night in late December 2008

We arrive at St John on Bethnal green at 10am.
'You Are Here' by Sarah Sparkes is carried into the church and laid to rest in the alise

The giant movie screen, donated by Paul Dillon, is hoisted into place in front of the altar.

Later that night, the pews are filled by an enthralled audience.
The films are watched by a living and a non living audience.

While Niki Sehmi's film "Desecration" comes to its inevitable climax, the reverand Marco remains motionless in communion with the invisible guest.
The main feature is the classic MR James ghost story, "Oh Whistle and I'll come" brilliant re-told by director Jonathon Miller and actor Michael Holden

Projections and installations haunt the belfry

Lupinen (Lupines), Sabine Schöbel, projection of red stains slowly retract onto themselves and disappear between floorboards.

Rosco S. Treadaway, "The Scent of Sanctitiy" red lanterns form a line of twinkling grave-lights and scent conjuring the eerie experience of olfactory after-death communications.
Meanwhile, in the foyer, Ghosts in the machine wail in welcome to the wary guests.

Andrew Cooper, detail of the installation, "Stella and George" . Who is tap, tap tapping at Stellas door?

"Anomaly" by Jo David. Another unexpected visitation breaks the peace of the watcher.

Succour is provided,

Ricarda Vidal's Candy offers more than just sweet words.

GHost - The procession with the reverend Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly