Films and Pictures from Hostings 3, 4 & 5

Hostings 4 -GHost hunters 271 the blue lady's chair51 - audience vigil presentation70 blue answers50 audience during Vigil presentation69 blue answers
49 Vigil mark  and dr luke68 audience dan chastised48 Vigil Blue and dr luke67 question time47 Vigil Blue and dr luke66 question time
46 Vigil - participants image close65 question time45 Vigil - participants64 questions44 Vigil group with image of participants43 Vigil  the vigil room on screen
63 vigil group blue talking62 vigil group dr Luke turning42 Vigil with image of RA61 bee gees vigil ceiling41 enfield poltergeist man60 bee gees glow + vigil

Hostings 3 - Ghost-hunters 1

Hostings 4 - Ghost-hunters 2

Haunted Courtroom Sounds of events organised by GHost in 2009/10 in the Courtroom, Senate House (University of London) accompany an image of the room in its original state with beautiful leather and oak furniture, which has since been replaced by bland corporate chairs and tables. While this allows you to fit more people inside, it robs the room of its soul and condemns the spirit of learning to hide in dismal misery. Haunted Courtroom was projected in the room at Hosting 3 on 12 October 2010. The singer is Derek Jordan.