Monday, 18 October 2010

Scott Wood and Sarah Sparkes on Resonance FM

Scott Wood iinvited Sarah Sparkes to join him on Lost Footsteps

"Lost Steps is a weekly radio show broadcasting in London on Resonance 104.4FM.

Each week we explore aspects of London's artistic and cultural landscape. Our guests are generally artists, writers, film makers, bloggers, academics, publishers etc.
Lost Steps is presented by Malcom Hopkins and produced by Nick Hamilton."

This week Malcom is joined in the studio by Scott Wood and Sarah Sparkes to discuss London Hauntings.

Scott writes the Fortean London column for the wonderful Londonist blog and runs the South East London Folklore Society (SELFS) whose monthly meetings provide a forum to discuss folklore, magic, mysteries and forteana in London.

Sarah is an artist investigating our fascination for hauntings. Together with Ricarda Vidal she runs GHost which “…aims to address the various roles ghosts play in contemporary culture by bringing artists, writers, curators, researchers and others together”. They’ve been putting on events around town for the last couple of years but until we met I was unaware of them. I’m intrigued by the video evidence and must make an effort to get along to future events, in particular the upcoming GHost III.

After recording the show Scott revealed that he’d received reports of supernatural goings-on at the Resonance studio. Keep an eye on Fortean London for details."

Hear Malcom getting the lowdown on London Hauntings from Scott Wood and Sarah Sparkes.

Listen hear

Originally broadcast October 21st 2010 on Resonance FM.

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