Friday, 3 June 2011

Kent Cultural Baton Residency

GHost Residency in The Kent Cultural Baton June 26th - July 1st

As part of our three month residency in Folkestone for the Triennial Fringe, GHost will install temporary headquarters in the Cultural Baton.  Visitors can engage with and contribute to a ghostly archive documenting uncanny tales from the Shepway locale. On display will be films by  GHost artists, publications, artefacts and illustrations responding to local ghost stories.  There will also be interactive information about the project. Visitors will also have the chance to acquire membership of  "GHost CLHub", take away GHostly souvenirs as well as leaving some ghostly keepsake behind for the archive.
A euphoric ghost raising event on Sunday 26 June will mark the beginning of our residence at the Baton.

The Kent Cultural Baton is a unique, original artwork designed by artist Nicole Mollett, "It is a mobile creative workspace that at each visit chapters the sights and sounds of its location".  Read more about GHost at the Baton here

On 1st of May we took up residency in the B&B project space, 14 Tontine Street, where as part of the Vernacular Events Program we are installing our project GHost CLHub.  GHost CLHub explores the hidden narratives of ‘hauntings’ emanating from Shepway.  A growing archive will document our findings over the five months and will be contributed to by visiting and local artists, writers, researchers and others. We’ll also host a series of events including film screenings and performances in local venues. A call for films on the theme of the ‘Haunted Sea’ is currently being advertised (deadline for submissions 14 July). In the final week of the Triennial (21 September) there will be a ghost story competition at the British Lion.

GHost explores the various roles ghosts play in contemporary culture by bringing artists, writers, curators, researchers and others together. GHost hosts exhibitions, performance events and workshops, so-called ‘hostings’. Venues have included the atmospheric church of St John on Bethnal Green, a John Soanes church in East London, the haunted Senate rooms at University of London and a video booth at the London Art Fair. We’re looking forward to haunting Folkestone throughout the Triennial.


'GHost CLUb Caravan' image by Sarah Sparkes
'GHost CLHub' logo by Ilana Levine

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