Thursday, 4 October 2012

GHost IV - Submissions Sort

GHost is returning to St John Bethnal Green this December 2012 with: GHost IV
Deadline for submissions is 24thth October 2012

Exhibition Dates:
December 6th – 6.00 - 9.00pm     
December 7th – 6.00 – 10.00pm 
December 8th – 2.30 – 7.30pm 

The exhibition follows on from the last series of GHost Hostings – interdisciplinary seminars at The UOL – and explores the themes of: Absence – Haunted Landscapes and: Presence - Manifesting Ghosts.

GHost is seeking submissions of moving image installation and performance on the above themes.
(The type of work sort for each category is indicated below)

Absence: Haunted landscapes
Short films , no longer than 9 minutes, that can be shown on a large screen as part of a looped show reel.
Installation works, with headphones if there is sound, for projection or to view on a small screen.
These could be part of a sculptural work or other physical installation.
Presence: Manifesting ghosts
Moving image installation, performance (should be sustainable throughout the exhibition), kinetic sculpture.
NOTE: other types of work may be considered, however it is not possible to hang work ad screws etc can not be used on wall surfaces of this listed building.

Note: artists need to supply their own AV equipment for any installations. Screen and projector are provided for the short film screening.

Send a short paragraph about your work, a short biography and, most importantly, images and links to any film excerpts to
Direct any questions to the above email

participating artists need to provide their own AV equipment.


Rihard Simpson said...

Very interesting talk this evening at the Secret Chiefs, Sarah. Definitely bringing the family to the show in Bethnal Green.

GHost said...

Thanks Richard
I enjoyed meeting you all.